If you are an international student in South Australia, the Office of the Training Advocate can provide you with independent advice or guidance about all aspects of living, working or studying in South Australia.

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The Office of the Training Advocate is also an independent complaints-handling authority for all matters relating to international education and training in South Australia.

As an international student, you may be enrolled with a South Australian high school, university, private training provider or TAFESA. 

The Training Advocate can help you deal with any questions or concerns you may have such as:

  • study arrangements
  • the content or quality of your course or program of study
  • understanding your rights as an international student
  • course fees
  • accessing a training provider’s internal complaints handling process 
  • visa arrangements that relate to your study obligations such as attendance at class and academic progress
  • transferring to an alternative course of study
  • employment rights and obligations
  • accommodation
  • support if your training provider closes and no longer offers your course of study
  • access to other welfare services or complaints handling authorities 
  • access to community activities

External Appeals

As an independent complaints handling authority, the Office of the Training Advocate also conducts External Appeals. An External Appeal can be accessed if you are not satisfied with the result or conduct of your Training Provider’s internal complaint handling and appeals processes. However, the Office of the Training Advocate does not have the authority to change or overturn academic decisions made by your training provider.

For more information about the Office of the Training Advocate see the Charter of Functions and the Administrative Guidelines.

Charter of Functions (PDF) Training Advocate Administrative Guidelines (Currently under review)

Frequently Asked QuestionsContact the Training Advocate

If you are contacting the Office of the Training Advocate from outside of Australia please email at trainingadvocate@sa.gov.au or telephone (country calling code) + 61 + 8 + 8226 4242.

For more information about International Education and activities which are available to you while you live and study in South Australia please visit the website Study Adelaide

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The Office of the Training Advocate

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Contact us
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Outside Australia call:
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