Appointment of the Training Advocate

On 7 August 2008, His Excellency the Governor of South Australia appointed Mrs Thérèse O’Leary as the Training Advocate for a period of five years. The Training Advocate is established under the Training and Skills Development Act 2008 (the Act) effective from proclamation on 1 September 2008.

The Act relates to higher education, vocational education and training, adult community education and education services for overseas students.

Mrs O’Leary established the inaugural Office of the Training Advocate in mid 2003 which was established as a State Government initiative in 2003 to complement the principles inherent in the former Training and Skills Development Act 2003.

Photo of the entrance to the OTA Grenfell Street office

The Office of the Training Advocate

131 Grenfell St, Level 5,
corner of Grenfell Street and Hyde Street Adelaide

Office hours:
Monday to Friday
9.00 am – 5.00 pm

Contact us
Phone: 1800 006 488
Fax: 8226 4278
Post: GPO Box 320
Adelaide SA 5001

Outside Australia call:
+ 61 + 8 + 8226 4242